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Nagwa Abdallah

Head Deputy of Foreign Affairs Desk, Al -Ahram Daily Newspaper, Al Ahram Press Foundation

Nagwa has a B.A in Mass Communication, from Cairo university and is a member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalism and the International Journalists’ Program.

In addition to Al-Ahram daily newspaper where she has been working as a foreign desk editor since 2006, she worked as an international affairs editor, Researcher and Reporter for a number of outlets among which, Al -Ahram Quarterly's "Democracy Review" in which her main focus was on democracy issues internationally and internally. She has also worked for Al -Ahram El Reiady Weekly magazine, Al-Ahram Al Araby Weekly Magazine, Al -Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) where she provided investigative stories, reports in a number of its publications such as "The Egyptian Affairs" Journal, "Mokhtarat Irania" which covers the Iranian international and internal affairs and "Strategic Readings". She worked also as an international affairs editor in Die Welt, German daily newspaper in 2007 where she covered Middle East and Egyptian ongoing issues.