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Mimma Lehtovaara

News Editor for the Finnish News Agency, Finland, Helsinki

My professional career started at the age of nine when I participated in the Children's Day which was organized by the Finnish Broadcasting Company at that time. My first duty was to announce the next radio program in a live show. When I sat on a chair in the studio and the red light turned on I just knew what I would do as I grew up. And I did.

As a professional I see myself as a news and current affairs journalist above all. The news fascinates and surprises me every day - and it really can change the world in seconds.

I have been working for the News Agency since August 2007. I started there as the head of the domestic news desk and have been a news editor since January 2010.

Previous to my news agency career I worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company as a news editor for the Regional Radio and Television News in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Before that I worked as a reporter and producer for the biggest Finnish commercial radio channel and TV channel, called Radio Nova and MTV3.

I study journalism at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. I have high hopes to finish my degree soon.