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Luz Mely Reyes

Co-founder, Efecto Cocuyo

Luz Mely Reyes is a member of the Reuters Institute's Advisory Board. 

She is a Venezuelan multimedia journalist. She is co-founder of the independent digital media organisation Efecto Cocuyo, which she has directed since its foundation in 2015. She also founded Venezuela Migrante, which is devoted to cover the mobility of Venezuelans around the world. She considers herself a digital migrant.

She studied journalism at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York. She is currently studying for a magister degree in Social Communication at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela, where she is exploring digital migration of the Venezuelan press and emerging challenges in the midst of an authoritarian system and in the context of technological change.

Luz Mely's areas of editorial interest are: electoral campaigns, human rights and international migration.

She has won multiple national and international awards. She was awarded the Gabo Prize in 2018, the Franco-German Human Rights Prize in 2019, the CPJ Prize for Freedom of Expression in 2018, the WOLA Prize in 2019 and the Lasa Prize in 2021. She is also "maestra" at Fundación Gabo, organization that was founded by the Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel García Márquez. In 2022 she became member of The Gabo Prize Board.