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Liisa Vihmanen

Journalist in Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE

Mrs Vihmanen has her MA degree at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Her main subject was philosophy. She has a degree in adult education from the University of Helsinki, wich is needed to be qualified as a teacher of philosophy. Mrs Vihmanen has also a degree in marketing from the Commercial College of Kotka. Her optional studies are in art history and social sciences from the University of Helsinki.

Mrs Vihmanen started her career as a teacher of philosophy and ethics in various schools and colleges in Helsinki. She wrote a series of books used widely in teaching of ethics in Finnish secondary schools. 1998 she moved to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Radio 1. Her first editorial office was the department of science and eduction. Mrs Vihmanen was prized a science journalist of Finland 2004 by the Finnish Science Journalist's Association. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Board of Finnish Science Journalist's Association. Year 2005 the editorial environment changed and she started to work in the department of culture in Finnish Broadcasting Company, including both radio and television.

Mrs Vihmanen stresses wide perspectives and critical mind in journalism. Her personal interests include also history, classical dance and dogs.