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Kenneth Payne

Dr Kenneth Payne is a former BBC News producer, who has worked on its Panorama, World at One and PM programmes. Since January 2008 he has been conducting research at the institute on the broad area of communications, war and terrorism. His goal is to produce a series of articles in refereed journals and to prepare a Challenge paper for publication by the institute.His first article, to be published shortly in the journal Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, is entitled 'Propaganda: Winning the battle of ideas'. In it he argues that conflict between Al Qaeda and associated militants on one hand and Western governments on the other is largel an ideological struggle, in which communication and propaganda is playing a central role. A second article, published in PARAMETERS, journal of the US Army War College is more narrowly focused on the role of communication and information operations in contemporary counterinsurgency campaigns. He is currently writing on the effectiveness of strategic communications in shaping the portrayal of the US and UK in the Muslim world. Papers 'Waging Communication War', PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly, Summer 2008, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2, 'The Media at War: Ideology, Insurgency and Journalists in the Firing Line', RUSI Journal,  Vol. 153, no. 1 (February 2008), pp. 16-21, 'Killing the Messenger: The Deadly Price of News', International News Safety Institute (INSI), 2007 ‘The Media and the Laws of War’, PARAMETERS: The Journal of the US Army War College, Spring 2005, European Security and Defence Policy and the future of NATO (Brussels: NATO, 2003), ‘European Defence Autonomy: An Inevitable Illusion', Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Vol.  14.2 (Spring/Summer 2001)