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Kemal Göktaş

Kemal Göktaş has been working in mainstream newspapers in Turkey and mainly focuses on legal, judicial and political issues.

His main areas of interest are legal arrangements, judicial decisions, important lawsuits and investigations and political developments. Throughout his professional life, he has written two books, and published many articles and investigative journalism works on illegal activities, political assassinations, terror attacks, massacres, violations of right to life, torture, right to fair trial, conditions in prisons and women's and children's rights.

He has been granted 8 prestigious journalism awards in Turkey for his articles and reports. Presently, he is writing articles and commentaries to Cumhuriyet, which is one of the oldest mainstream newspapers in Turkey. He also conducts interviews for Cumhuriyet, which are published full-page once a week. He also taught at Ankara University's Communication Department for 4 years.