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Jussi Ahlroth

Journalist and Social Media Consultant, Helsingin Sanomat

Jussi Ahlroth has worked since 2003 at Scandinavia's largest daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, mainly at the arts and culture editorial. He has written widely, concentrating on the marginal, the alternative, the popular and emerging new forms of culture.

In addition to covering literature, music and film, he has written widely on digital culture. He has often been first in the Finnish mainstream media to write to about issues such as the politicisation of the pirate movement, virtual worlds and virtual consumption, avantgarde gaming and augmented reality technologies.

Before Helsingin Sanomat, Ahlroth was a part of the first editorial established by a Finnish ISP company from 2000-2002, from its formation to its eventual cancellation. During this time he worked actively to promote the role of journalists working in digital media within the Finnish Journalists' Association.

Ahlroth has continuously adopted new digital tools in his work. In 2005 he planned and coordinated the paper's blogging strategy. More recently he has shot and edited video clips for the website.

In 2006 Ahlroth wrote a book called Mie oon Lordi (I am Lordi), the authorised biography of the Finnish monster rock band who won the Eurovision song contest the same year.

He is finishing an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Helsinki.