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Judith Högerl

Editor, Austria Press Agency

Judith Högerl started her career in journalism with internships while she attended the College for Higher Education in Eisenstadt. After finishing her studies on Information Management in June 2002, Judith worked for different news portals, e.g. a German provider for news about the stock exchange in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Afterwards she specialised in the topics IT, media and commercials. She then wrote for the Austrian "Report Verlag", "medianet" and "extradienst".

Since July 2005 Judith has been working as a freelancer for the Austrian Press Agency (APA). Starting as a regional correspondent, Judith transferred into the department for home policy in January 2009. In the meantime she also started her post graduate studies in communication science in the Fall of 2006. The topic of her upcoming thesis will be the future of citizen journalism. For this, she plans to run a delphi study.