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Ji-Young Seo

TV reporter at Politics & Foreign Affairs Office of Korea Broadcasting System

I have a BA in Mass Communication from Korea University. After graduating, I worked at Cheil Worldwide as a Account Executive from 2000 to 2002 and designed advertising for Samsung C&T and Hyundai Automotive Group.

Since I joined the Korea Broadcasting System in January 2003, I have worked as a broadcast journalist.  Having covered social and international events and affairs at the National Assembly and government offices, I have made several investigative reports of frauds and corruptive scandals and have at times represented underprivileged people to make contributions to the government's policy-making process.

Before I joining the RISJ as a Journalist Fellow, I worked as a correspondent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, covering diplomatic issues and international affairs as well. I find it critical to report international news from well-balanced long-term perspectives as developments across the world such as the global financial crisis and the Iranian nuclear strife wield large influences on domestic economy and politics.

The Korean peninsula particularly attracts keen international attention as North Korea is still attempting to develop nuclear weapons in the middle of Northeast Asia where G2, the United States and China, strives for a geopolitical hegemony. Given such circumstances, I am endeavouring to deliver news reports to viewers in an easy-to-understand manner based on my broad knowledge base.

I want to make full use of the opportunities to discuss international issues with journalists from across the world and conduct research through the prestigious fellowship programme of the University of Oxford in order to deliberate how Korea can contribute to international society as a non-permanent member of the Security Council.