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Javier Borelli

General Information Editor, Tiempo Argentino

Javier Borelli is currently General Information Editor at Tiempo Argentino, the biggest cooperative media outlet in Argentina. He is also member of the organisation's executive board. During Tiempo’s first two years, he was elected as its president during the time when the outlet developed an original business model based on reader support. By 2018, 70% of its income came directly from them.

During his career Javier has covered news related access to healthcare, education and housing as well as human rights including extensive research about the largest clandestine detention center of the last military dictatorship in his country. In recent times, he also focused on information and communications technology articles. Before that he worked in the foreign affairs area where he achieved the 2012 Dag Hammarskjöld Fellowship which allowed him to work as a correspondent at the United Nations’ New York headquarters reporting on the UN General Assembly, the US presidential elections and Hurricane Sandy, among other events.

In 2015, Javier was selected by the Iberis Foundation to take part in a five-month course about Spanish media industry, culture and history in Madrid. During that time he worked for the financial newspaper Expansión, the most read business paper in Spain.

He has a Social Communications degree from the University of Buenos Aires.