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István Virágvölgyi

Head of Photo Desk, MTI Hungarian News Agency

István became a desktop publishing technician after finishing at printing college in 2002. He than worked for several graphic design studios in Budapest as DTP operator and later as graphic designer.

After working as photo and layout editor for several publications he started as a photo editor at Origo, the leading Hungarian news portal in 2007. Later as he was appointed Head of Photography at Origo, he worked on the stabilization of the photo department within the editorial staff. Together with the members of the photo department he implemented new ways to present photo stories on the portal and produced many experimenting, stand-alone photo essays.

He gained a master degree in 2009 in library science at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

In 2011 he joined MTI Hungarian News Agency as Head of the Photo Desk.

He oversees the whole photo production of the only Hungarian news agency, that includes the assignment of the work for photojournalists as well as photo editors. He is also responsible for the communication with international partner agencies from around the world.