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Hagar Shezaf

West Bank correspondent, Haaretz

Hagar Shezaf is Haaretz's West Bank correspondent since 2019. Based in Tel Aviv, she covers mostly settler, Palestinian and military affairs in the West Bank for the paper. She is a Hebrew and Arabic speaker. Over the years, she was involved in a number of investigative projects such as a series of reports into the dealings of sanctioned Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler in the DRC, abuse of Palestinans by Israeli soldiers and settlers which led to a decision to suspend a military unit's operations, uncovering details of deaths of Palestinan prisoners during the current war as well as an investigation into censorship in Israeli archives pertaining to the Palestinian Nakba. In 2024, She was the recipient of the Israel Press Institute prize for her coverage. She is a history student at Tel Aviv University.

Her project will explore coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.