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Gabriela Torres

Head of Social Media Central Team, BBC World Service

With 20 years of experience of journalism in television, radio, print, online and social media production across two continents and five countries, Gabriela Torres is now Head of Social Media Central Team at BBC World Service.

Ms Torres’ team provides strategic direction, support, mentoring and sense of belonging to 42 BBC Languages newsrooms that have presence on 188 social platforms worldwide.  This is a highly competent team in online analytics and able to use data in creative decision making.

One key part of Ms Torres’ work is to increase engagement of female audience on social media. As women are a main driver of traffic and promoters of a brand, she had developed and implemented systems and processes to ensure performances in relation female traffic is monitored and analysed on regular basis. This ensures the outputs of the analysis are fed back and followed with teams.

In addition she has developed reports to make recommendations, organize and deliver presentations, all with the ambition to successfully tap into female audiences and inform pan-BBC content on social media and wider story commissioning decisions.

Her work at the Reuters Institute will look at Improving digital and social media newsrooms to increase female audiences and generate overall growth