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Gabriela Jacomella

Freelance reporter/media trainer/consultant for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of South Sudan

Gabriela was born in Chiavenna, a small town at the border with Switzerland, and moved to Tuscany for her graduate studies. She holds a degree in Modern Literature from Scuola Normale Superiore and a degree in Film studies from Università degli Studi in Pisa.

She started writing for some local and national newspapers – namely, Il Tirreno and Il Manifesto - while working on her final dissertation on the cinema of Communist cooperatives in the Weimar Republic. In summer 2002 she quit her job as junior press officer at Scuola Normale Superiore and moved to Milan for an internship at Corriere della Sera. After a couple of years of freelance activity, both for newspapers and magazines, in autumn 2004 she was definitively hired by Corriere. She has been working mostly in the National news section since then.

Her favourite subjects are: human rights, sustainable development, education. Since summer 2006 she has also been working as a correspondent from Berlin, Germany, as well as covering many international events and reporting on topics such as child prostitution and trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Cambodia.

In 2007-2008 she got a diploma in Humanitarian emergencies at Ispi (Institute for international political studies), in Milan; in July 2008 she attended a summer school in International Human Rights Law at Oxford (a joint program Oxford University-George Washington University). In September 2009 she also took part in the Young Leaders Conference organized by the Council for the United States and Italy, in Chicago.