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Federico Guerrini

Freelance Technology Reporter

Federico is an experienced journalist, focusing mainly on hi-tech issues.

He writes for the online edition of the daily La Stampa and also contributes to other websites and newspapers (, Il Sole 24 Ore, l'Espresso,, among others).

In the past few years, he has written several books on social media, online privacy and Internet. Some titles: "Tutto su Facebook", "Facebook Reloaded", "Alla scoperta di Twitter", "Proteggi la tea privacy".

Apart from writing, he likes to teach the use of social media and curation tools with courses devoted both to private individuals and to institutions.

Federico is also among the founders of a movement called Digital Awareness (, whose aim is to promote a conscious use of the Internet, avoiding risks and issues related to security and to the so-called “information overload".

He holds a M.A. in Political Sciences from the University of Trieste, and is a member of the Italian Journalists Society. Weblog: