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Ehab Hamdi Gomaa

Journalist and Lecturer of Journalism and Mass Communication at the Alexandria University & the American University in Cairo

Mr Gomaa holds an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and a B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication from Alexandria University, Egypt. He is also holder of the "Mustafa Amin Prize" for Journalism, (2000), from Akhbar Alyom newspaper, Egypt. He is a Fellow of the Ford Foundation "The Leaders for Social Justice" programme, and the Heikal Foundation for Arab Journalism. He received the prize of the Best Researcher in Gender studies, the Egyptian National Council for Women (2007).

He has published many papers, including one on "Online Journalism in The Arab World and the Journalism code of Ethics" at the International Journalism Conference in Sharjah University (UAE) in 2005. He also participated in the advocacy campaign on "Stereotyping Arabs and Muslims in the Western media" in the Birmingham University International Meeting for the Leaders of Social Justice (UK) in 2006.

His other published works include: Gomaa, E (2006) Female journalists in Egypt: realities and challenges. Egyptian National Council for Women publications, Gomaa, E (2007) Free Spaces, and Palestinian women and the blogs, Global Media Journal Spring 2007 (available online:

Mr Gomaa is a member of the Egyptian syndicate for social professions, the Egyptian syndicate for educators, the Egyptian association for friends of Alexandria library, the Shroqe Association for Development, and the Faros Club for Egyptian university teachers. He is also founder of "The Egyptian Bridges" NGO for Human Development.