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Dr Maria Esperidiao

Dr. Maria Esperidião is a senior producer and editor for Jornal Nacional, a prime-time evening news bulletin, with an audience of around 30 million people.

She has been working for Globo TV, the largest media outlet in Brazil, since 1997. Over the last 12 years, she has been packaging stories filmed by Globo TV correspondents in Latin America, Asia, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. Her work also includes selecting news content from major wire agencies, pitching segments to the editor-in-chief, writing breaking news stories, and following them until going on air.

She was directly involved in some significant coverage such as the terrorist strikes in Europe, the Refugee Crisis, the US Elections, Brexit and the Zika Outbreak, in which JN was nominated for the Emmy International.

Parallel to her work as journalist, she has developed a career as an academic. She has a Bachelor Degree in Social Communication from Catholic University of Pernambuco, she holds an MA in Journalism Studies from Cardiff University, UK, and has received a Ph.D. with distinction from Methodist University of Sao Paulo. During her doctorate, she spent some time as a Visiting Scholar at Bowling Green State University, US. She also studied how to produce and create original documentaries at University of London.

She taught Journalism for 3 years, and is a past fellow at the Dart Center, a project of Columbia School of Journalism. Her personal interest is the role of news agencies in setting political agendas and in promoting global awareness.