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Dmitry Denisov

Editor, The Business Magazine, Russia

Dmitry Denisov is a business book writer, journalist and editor. He began his career in journalism in the early 1990s, in a fascinating time when principles of new Russian journalism were being formed. He quickly developed a strong interest in business journalism while covering different aspects and trends of Russia’s transitional economy. After a few years this interest resulted in his decision to temporarily withdraw from journalism and try himself in private entrepreneurship. For 5 years (in 1995-2000) Dmitry performed as an entrepreneur running his own tour operating company.Dmitry came back to journalism in 2000 – equipped with new knowledge, practical experience and better understanding of  business issues from the inside. He was contracted by a private publishing house to write books for a series on restaurant and hospitality business. He completed three titles within two years, including "How to Start up a Coffee-Shop," "Fast-Food Restaurant" and "The Bible of Barista," which enjoyed vast commercial success. In 2004 Dmitry joined The Business Magazine, Russia's leading entrepreneurial monthly, as a full-time correspondent. In this position he has been covering a variety of topics relating to business, economy and politics: equity markets, mergers and acquisitions, mutual funds, venture and business angel investments, banks, restaurant and travel business, marketing, lobbying and GR, etc. He had a particular interest in investigative journalism, and one of his articles on franchise frauds in Russia won a Golden Brand national award in nomination “The best article on franchising in printed mass media.” His another prize-winning publication (PRESS-ZVANIE Award in nomination "The best article of the year on tourism and hotel business") represented in-depth analysis of on-going M&A process in the Russian travel industry. Dmitry graduated from Moscow State University, International department of Faculty of Journalism in 1993. His thesis was on investigative journalism in the USA. He spent the 1990-1991 academic year in Allegheny College (Pennsylvania, USA) on the Russian-American student exchange programme, where he studied mass media and journalism.