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Catriona Bonfiglioli

Catriona Bonfiglioli, PhD, is Senior Lecturer Media Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Chief Investigator of the Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP 1096251, "Changing the media diet - Investigating the power of the news media to prevent obesity"Catriona is an award-winning professional journalist with 15 years' experience as a reporter, sub-editor and specialist medical journalist. Catriona Bonfiglioli's resource for journalists Reporting Obesity, published by the NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity (University of Sydney), is the first of its kind in obesity research. Catriona's current work focuses on investigating medical journalism, audience reception and obesity prevention policies, developing new resources for journalists, and developing new research projects on the sociocultural aspects of overweight and obesity. Catriona's doctoral research examined media discourse about cloning, GM food and the Human Genome Project. Catriona wrote Toxic Knowledge and the Burden of Choice - An Essay On The Ethics of Genetic Testing during her tenure as the 1997 Reuter Foundation Fellow in Medical Journalism. Catriona is the lead author on eight peer reviewed journal articles, one research book chapter and three published conference papers, and has co-authored eight peer reviewed journal articles and three reports. Catriona has presented her research at international conferences including World Journalism Education Congress (2013), BeActive 2012, Obesity 2012, the European Congress on Obesity (2011), International Conference on Multimodality  (2010), International Congress on Obesity (2007), International Conference on Genomics and Society (2006). Catriona is a member of the Public Health Association of Australasia's NSW branch executive, and from 1995-97 was President of the Australasian Medical Writers Association.