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Ben Tobias

Senior Broadcast Journalist at BBC World News TV

After a degree in Russian Studies, Ben began his career in radio working for the BBC Russian Service. From there he moved to BBC World News, where he has worked as a producer and editor on several of the channel’s flagship programmes. During his time as the editor of a programme called Outside Source he developed his idea for his project at the Reuters Institute. Outside Source looks a bit different to ‘traditional’ TV programmes, and tries to cover stories in new and innovative ways. In a world where young people are turning away from TV, is there a way of updating TV news to attract a younger audience?

Most recently he has returned to the BBC’s Russian Service, to launch a new daily TV bulletin as part of the expansion of the BBC World Service. It has been a challenging and fascinating time to focus on news from Russia, and to see how the Russian media tells stories so differently to the Western media. Ben will return to World News TV after his time in Oxford.