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Ayen Bior

Ayen Bior

Producer, National Public Radio

Ayen Deng Bior is a producer at NPR's flagship evening news program, All Things Considered. She helps shape the sound of daily shows by contributing story ideas, writing scripts and cutting tape. Her work at NPR has taken her to Warsaw, Poland, where she heard from refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine. She has spoken to people in Saint-Louis, Senegal who are grappling with rising seas. She has also reported in Nador, Morocco, when police initiated a zero-tolerance policy for migrants attempting to go to Europe. Before NPR, Ayen wore many hats at the Voice of America's English to Africa service where she worked in radio, television and digital.

Ayen was a regular contributor to VOA Africa coverage, with her work appearing on South Sudan in Focus, Africa 54 and Africa News Tonight. She was the social media correspondent for English to Africa's flagship program, Straight Talk Africa. She also oversees the social media strategy for South Sudan in Focus' social media pages. Ayen began her career reporting on the revolution in Sudan, the developing state of affairs in South Sudan and the experiences of women behind the headlines in both countries.

Project topic: Crafting a safety manual for journalists in South Sudan

Sponsor: Google News Initiative