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Ashu Nyenty

Political Affairs Editor, Cameroon Radio Television

I have always believed that as a journalist I have the ability and freedom to express my feelings and thoughts and to reach a wider audience, whilst having a positive impact on the life of my community. I also held the view that I needed to acquire knowledge in other related disciplines if I were to be relevant in my practice of journalism. That is the consideration that pushed me to have a first and post graduate degree in private law and international law respectively and another post graduate degree in political science.

After my first degree in Journalism I kicked off as City Reporter and later Political Service Editor on one of the leading English language Newspapers in Cameroon: Weekly Post. Before moving to the Cameroon Radio Television Corporation (CRTV) where I held various positions including my current role as Political Affairs Editor.

Increasingly the media cannot be everywhere all the time and with the advent of multimedia gadgets like the cell phone ordinary folks have become partners in content generation.

The crucial question is, how does traditional media take advantage of this development to enhance their own reportorial spread? My participation at the Thomson fellowship has given me a wonderful and priceless insight into the understanding of how crowd sourcing works and the dangers involved in the unguarded use of the same. This can only make sense if I share this knowledge with journalists in Cameroon.