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These are the Reuters Institute's Journalist Fellows for 2019 Michaelmas term

Journalist Fellows

Fourteen journalists from across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America have joined the Reuters Institute's Journalist Fellowship Programme. This first intake of the academic year includes reporters, columnists, editors and broadcasters from a wide range of news outlets. The fellows will spend one to three terms furthering their understanding of some of the key issues in journalism - from sustainability and innovation to trust and misinformation and much more - through presentations, seminars, newsroom visits, and conversations with one another. Each fellow will also take a deep-dive into a research topic of their choice, aided by Reuters Institute experts.

Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme Meera Selva said: "We are delighted to welcome this term’s journalist fellows who come to the Reuters Institute from countries where journalists are both doing incredible work and facing constant threats. During their time here they will be looking at a range of subjects from how financial journalism can evolve in Nigeria, how social media has affected elections in Ukraine, and how the Hong Kong media can navigate increasingly choppy waters. During their time here they will take a comparative, global perspective on these and other challenges facing the media industry and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say."

The Journalist Fellows are:

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante 

Radio broadcaster and deputy online editor, Citi FM
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante has been a co-host of popular morning radio show Ghana: the Citi Breakfast Show (CBS) since 2013. She has provided a feminist perspective on national issues and has helped to direct attention towards social issues and minority rights. She was previously the country coordinator of Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian NGO promoting the coverage of human rights stories across the African continent. Nana was also a Reagan-Fascell fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy, where she looked at how the media can amplify women’s voices in Ghana.

Research Topic: The representation of women in political, civic and media spaces


Adesola Akindele-Afolabi

Financial journalist, business a.m.
Sponsor: The Wincott Foundation

Adesola’s main duties include covering the capital market, money market, and insurance sector. She is also the Online Editor of business a. m., a business news outlet. She aspires to be a leading financial reporter to improve public understanding of the business and financial sectors through her journalism. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Caleb University, Nigeria and a master’s in Economics and Development Studies from Covenant University, Nigeria.

Research topic: The effect of financial journalism on the Nigerian business landscape: a focus on banking and financial institutions.


Gulmira Amangalieva

Journalist, FreeNews-Volga
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Gulmira Amangalieva has worked for seven years as a journalist for Russia’s independent regional press. She currently works for FreeNews-Volga, an online newspaper based in Saratov. Prior to that, she was a staff correspondent at Gazeta nedeli v Saratove, a regional newspaper. She has focused on the issues of poverty, labour working conditions, migration, national minorities, government negligence, and civil rights violations. Gulmira holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a master's degree in Law from Saratov State University, where she was awarded the Oxford Russian Fund scholarship for academic achievements.

Research Topic: What do poor Russians believe?



Daniel Clarke

Deputy Editor, Newsnight
Sponsor: BBC

Daniel Clarke is Deputy Editor of Newsnight, the BBC’s live nightly current affairs programme, famed for its hard-hitting political interviews and original journalism. In addition to playing a leading role in driving the daily agenda, Dan runs Newsnight’s commissioning, and has overseen hundreds of stories across a range of subject areas in the UK and abroad, including the Grenfell Tower disaster, Brexit, the Rohingya crisis, and the rise of the far-right. He previously was Editor of Newsround. Dan has a degree in English from Cambridge University.

Research Topic: What are new ways for the public to help shape the news agenda, report the whole UK better, and influence how public interest original journalism is done? 


Consuelo Dieguez

Reporter, Piauí Magazine
Sponsor: Anglo American

Consuelo Dieguez has been a reporter at Piauí Magazine since its inception in 2006. At the magazine, she writes long-form pieces with literary style and an investigative approach. She has written many profiles of figures in Brazilian business and politics, including president Jair Bolsonaro. Some were published in her 2014 book Bilhões e Lágrimas (Billions and Tears). She has been awarded prizes including the Prêmio Esso, Vladmir Herzog and Mulher Imprensa. One of her works was also shortlisted for the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award. 

Research Topic: What did the press miss about the rise of the populist right?


Maryana Drach 

Director, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service
Sponsor: David Levy

Maryana Drach is the Director of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service. She oversaw the service’s award-winning coverage of the country’s 2013-2014 Maidan demonstrations, corruption scandals and the conflicts in Russian-annexed Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Drach has an undergraduate degree in international studies from Roosevelt University (Chicago) and a graduate degree in Public Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Local Government in Ukraine.  

Research Topic: Ukraine elections: How social media shape public discourse


Tejas Harad

Copy Editor, Economic and Political Weekly
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Tejas Harad is a copy editor at India’s reputed journal Economic and Political Weekly. His articles on Indian politics, technology, media, social movements and the caste system have also appeared in the Hindustan Times, Mint, NewsLaundry, Buzzfeed India, and others in both English and his mother tongue Marathi. He is a founding member of Junoon Foundation, an educational charity. Harad has a bachelor’s degree in mass media (journalism) and a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Mumbai.

Research Topic: The silenced majority: How can newsrooms in India become representative?


Jonas Jungar

Head of Quality Control, Svenska Yle
Sponsor: Industry sponsor

Jonas has a broad experience in both broadcast and online journalism. He started his career at Yle as a reporter in 1995. He has worked for Yle as a presenter, EU correspondent, producer and editor ever since. Jonas’s current role is similar to that of a public editor. On the one hand, he ensures everything that is published and aired meets journalistic quality standards. On the other hand, he explains to the audience what defines good, serious journalism and how that set of rules is applied in the day-to-day operations.

Research Topic: The role of the public editor.



Nalan Kocak

Managing editor, Hürriyet Daily News
Sponsor: Google

Nalan Koçak is the managing editor of Hürriyet Daily News, the English edition of Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Since 2012 she has been a television and print reporter, editor, and head of the world news desk. She has reported widely on Turkish diplomacy, conducted exclusive interviews with major international figures, and covered stories on Syria. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Boğaziçi University and a master’s degree in human rights from the London School of Economics. She is the recipient of the Jean Monnet Scholarship.



Jaakko Lyytinen 

Feature writer, Musta laatikko
Sponsor: Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

Jaakko is a feature writer and a producer of Musta laatikko, a project of live journalism shows launched by Helsingin Sanomat. Before taking this role, he worked as the head of the culture desk at the same newspaper. Jaakko has held various leadership positions and written books on media history and entrepreneurship. He has also worked for Finnish broadcaster Yle as a talk show host. Jaakko is one of the founders of the Musta laatikko live journalism shows, which have gathered an audience of over 23,000 people since 2016. They were recognized as the Best Journalistic Innovation in Finland in 2018.

Research Topic: Live journalism as a means to engage audiences.


Camilla Nielsen

Crime reporter, Ekstra Bladet
Sponsor: JP Politikens

Camilla is currently a crime reporter at Ekstra Bladet, Denmark’s largest digital newspaper. She has worked in journalism since 2015 and has reported on subjects such as terror, organised crime, and the abuse of children in developing countries. Camilla received a bachelor’s degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2015. She has also studied journalism at The University of Arts, London.

Research Topic: Are stories on child molestation and human trafficking being underreported in the media?


Emily Tsang

Reporter, South China Morning Post
Hong Kong
Sponsor: Google

Emily joined the South China Morning Post in 2010. She has covered major breaking news on issues concerning health care, human rights and social justice in both China and Hong Kong. Recently, she has covered the ongoing protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong. Emily started her career in Ming Pao, a local newspaper. One of her stories revealed how the manager of a local supermarket was taking bribes from traders who hoarded infant formula for speculation. This award-winning story led to two arrests. 

Research Topic: What is the future for Hong Kong media under the influence of China and the challenge of a new digital industry?



Kohei Tsuji

Foreign Affairs reporter, NHK
Sponsor: Industry sponsor

Kohei has spent three years reporting on the Middle East for NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster. As Jerusalem bureau chief, he has covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab Spring, and the Syrian refugee crisis. Before heading for the Middle East, Kohei covered the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 and reported on the recovery efforts. He is now interested in narrative podcasts as a way to reach a wider audience.

Research Topic: The future of podcasting and audio news.


Philipp Wilhelmer

Media reporter, KURIER
Sponsor: APA

As a media reporter, Philipp reports on the shifting media landscape for KURIER, an Austrian daily newspaper. He also writes a column and oversees the culture desk. Philipp started working as a journalist at a local radio station in Vienna. In 2002, he joined the national news agency APA, where he worked in different roles, including Brussels correspondent. He has reported on international stories such as Hurricane Katrina and covered Austrian affairs.

Research Topic: How to start a radical new newsroom culture of interaction in the age of transparency.



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