Six Journalist Fellows from Asia, Europe and North America join the Reuters Institute

They will spend three to nine months exploring the future of journalism through seminars and discussions
Our new Journalist Fellows.

Our new Journalist Fellows. 

29th September 2020

Six Journalist Fellows from three continents will join the Reuters Institute for this term. Spending three to nine months away from their desks, they will explore a wide range of issues and challenges facing their profession through discussion, seminars and networking. They bring with them a diversity and wealth of experience which will benefit everyone at the institute. Here are our new Journalist Fellows, with their bios and samples of their work. 

Ramisha Ali

News Correspondent and video content creator, The Independent Urdu
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Ramisha Ali is a Pakistani journalist based in Karachi. She works as a news correspondent and a video content creator for The Independent UK's Urdu service based in Pakistan. She has previously worked as a news presenter and current affairs program host in two of the biggest media networks in Pakistan, BOL News, and GTV Network. She has extensively covered the recent PIA plane crash accident that happened in the Model Colony, Karachi. She has also interviewed many renowned social and political personalities, including the former president of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain.

Project topic: Media crisis and government advertisements: How essential is digital journalism for the shrinking Pakistani media?

More on Ramisha's work: 

Sangmee An

Multimedia journalist, Korean Broadcasting System
South Korea
Sponsor: Columbia University

Sangmee An is a multimedia journalist at Korean Broadcasting System, the public broadcaster in South Korea. She is interested in the intersections between democracy and technology, and the rise of new political movements. Based in Seoul, Sangmee has produced documentaries on healthcare and gender issues, winning the 2017 International Amnesty Awards.

Project topic: How can public broadcasters serve as an information source on the global pandemic?

More on Sangmee's work: 

Rebecca Skippage

News Editor and Disinformation Lead, BBC Monitoring
United Kingdom
Sponsor: BBC

Rebecca Skippage established and leads the BBC's Disinformation Team and is an Editor with the BBC-wide Anti-Disinformation Unit. The team covers and uncovers global disinformation trends, verifies and debunks viral social media content, and creates digital material to help people spot and avoid 'fake news'. Rebecca is currently with BBC Monitoring which tracks, translates and analyses media from over 150 countries and 100 languages.

Project topic: Disinformation, Trust and Truth: The Role of UK Public Service Broadcasters in the Fight against 'Fake News'

More on Rebecca's work: 

Kathy English

Former Public Editor, Toronto Star
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Kathy English is a Canadian journalist based in Toronto. Kathy served as public editor of the Toronto Star from 2007 until July, 2020 when she stepped down from the role of adjudicating reader complaints and upholding trust and transparency standards across all of Torstar Corp's news platforms. Kathy is chair of the Canadian Journalism Foundation, a national non-profit organization that promotes excellence in journalism and engages broader audiences in public discussions about journalism's mission in a democracy.

Project topic: The public editor and trustworthy journalism

More on Kathy's work: 

Jenni Kangasniemi

Producer, Helsingin Sanomat
Sponsor: Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

Jenni Kangasniemi works as a producer at the Lifestyle department of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and wellness magazine Sport, specializing in health and science content. As a producer, her responsibilities vary from editing and writing to web analytics and concept design. One of her main interests is to merge gamified elements into digital journalism in order to create immersive, multimodal stories where the reader becomes an active user/experiencer.

Project topic: Getting lost in true stories: The flow of immersive journalism and the new paradigm of storytelling

More on Jenni's work: 

Evelyn Jones

Reporter, Dagens Nyheter
Sponsor: Dagens Nyheter

Evelyn Jones is a features reporter at Sweden's biggest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter. She has written stories on why younger generations are less intimate than earlier ones and has covered the loneliness epidemic in Europe. Her intention is to let readers meet the people behind statistics: In 2015 she was part of the project "Refugee Sweden" where 100 refugees in Sweden told their stories.

Project topic: Swedish coverage of the Syria crisis

More on Evelyn's work: