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Research: What lies ahead for virtual reality in the newsroom?

Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved from its early experimental phase to become a strategically key, more integrated part of many newsrooms globally. But how are news organisations addressing the challenges of content and user experience? And will VR ever become mainstream?

A new Reuters Institute report 'VR for News: The New Reality?' by Zillah Watson, who has led the editorial development of VR experimentation at the BBC, examines ongoing developments in VR, the major challenges – both in terms of content and application, and technology – and what the future of VR might look like for news organisations around the world.

The report launch was hosted by the BBC on 10th May, 2017, in London. David Levy, Director, Reuters Institute introduced author, Zillah Watson, BBC Research & Development.

Panel: Nic Newman (chair), Research Associate, Reuters Institute; Kay Meseberg, Head of VR, ARTE; Anna Bateson, VP - Platforms and Partnerships, The Guardian.

This report was published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism with the support of the Google Digital News Initiative.