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New Gerda Henkel Fellow Announced

01 Jun 2015

The RISJ is pleased to announce the Gerda Henkel Fellowship for 2015/16 has been awarded to Rodrigo Berndt Carro, the Business assistant editor for EJESA (Brasil Econômico - newspaper). His research project, Brazilian newspapers: the risk of becoming irrelevant aims to explore the evolution (and decline) in Brazil of the printed media and its historical difficulty to reach lower income groups. His paper will examine in detail the history of print media, including its birth, the expansion and transformation into an industry, the introduction of TV broadcasts, the arrival of the internet, and the attempts of the traditional newspapers to adapt to a new digital and online environment.Since 2003, the Gerda Henkel Foundation has awarded a six month (two term) fully-funded Fellowship to journalists who intend to carry out research in the field of Historical Humanities, particularly in Art History, Modern and Ancient History, Legal History or Islamic History. Within these areas, participants have freely chosen their research topic, closely linked with their professional activity.