International Journalism Festival 2023: the events you shouldn't miss in Perugia

Here is a curated list of panels on topics such as Ukrainian media, membership and funding models, solutions journalism and more
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13th April 2023

From 19 to 23 April journalists from all over the world will be gathering for the International Journalism Festival in Perugia once again. Many voices from the Reuters Institute will speak at the festival. Here's a selection of some of the highlights this year, which include panels on reader revenue models, the media in Ukraine, press freedom, equity and inclusion in journalism and AI. All the panels will be live-streamed on the festival's IJF YouTube channel. See you in Perugia or online.

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Thursday 20 April

10.00. Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
Counting the dead: lessons from the pandemic for confronting climate change
Amruta Byatnal from TRF | Bilal Mateen from the Wellcome Trust | Mitali Mukherjee from RISJ | Sondre Solstad from The Economist

11.00. Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
The growth of hybrid media in authoritarian countries
Sveta Dyndykina from ROMB | Sami Mahdi from Amu TV | Sharon Moshavi from ICFJ | Tinshui Yeung from ICFJ

11.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
Investigating the crimes of war
Anna Babinets from Slidstvo.Info | Sam Dubberley from HRW | Sarah El Deeb from AP | Anne Koch from GIJN

12.00. Sala delle Colonne, Palazzo Graziani.
How to support the Ukrainian media system in the long run
Joanna Krawczyk from the German Marshall Fund of the United States | Jakub Parusinski from The Fix | David Schraven from CORRECTIV | Penelope Winterhager from the JX Fund | Eugene Zaslavsky from the Media Development Foundation

14.00.  Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
Membership models: all you need to know about running a member-centric newsroom
Leon Fryszer from Krautreporter | Richard Hoechner from Republik | Lea Korsgaard from Zetland | Eduardo Suárez from RISJ

14.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
Gender, leadership and surviving authoritarian regimes and cultures: women leading independent Arab media speak up
Rawan Damen from ARIJ | Fatemah Farag from Welad Elbalad Media | Diana Moukalled from Daraj | Nora Younis from AlManassa News

15.00. Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
Solutions journalism: a means to achieve equity and inclusion
Dina Aboughazala from Egab | Caleb Okereke from Minority Africa | Dora Santos Silva from Obi.Media |  Holly Wise from the Solutions Journalism Network

16.00. Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
Two to tango: a closer look at the relationship between independent investigative teams and legacy media
Cecilia Anesi from IRPI | Nikolas Leontopoulos from Reporters United | Geoffrey Livolsi from Disclose | Elisa Simantke from Investigate Europe | Bastian Obermayer 

16.00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato.
How the far right is going global
Luke O’Brien from the Shorenstein Center | Andrea Dip from Agência Pública | Natalia Viana from Agência Pública |  Jamil Chade

17.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
Legal threats hampering media freedom
Lina Attalah from Mada Masr | Will Church from TRF | Chile Eboe-Osuji from Toronto Metropolitan University | Jodie Ginsberg from CPJ | Joel Simon from the Journalism Protection Initiative | Antonio Zappulla from TRF

Other cool talks: on news and messaging | on user needs | on generative AI | on a rare print success | on investigating corruption | on audio journalism | on investigating social media companies | on whistleblowing | on covering refugees | on covering climate | on transgender people in the media

Friday 21 April

10.00. Sala delle Colonne, Palazzo Graziani.
TikTok and the news: how can publishers join the party?
Dave Jorgenson from The Washington Post | Erika Marzano from DW | Nic Newman from RISJ | Sophia Smith Galer from VICE World News

10.00. Hotel Brufani - Sala Raffaello.
Where are the working-class journalists?
Jane Bradley from NYT | Robyn Vinter from The Guardian | Roz Warren from Reuters | Victoria Sanusi 

10.00. Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
Decolonising journalism: global coverage from a local perspective
Natalia Antelava from Coda Story | Isaac Otidi Amuke from Debunk Media | Lina Srivastava from the Center for Transformational Change

11.00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato.
Radical sharing: 15 years of cross-border collaborative journalism
Laurent Richard from Forbidden Stories | Gerard Ryle from ICIJ | Drew Sullivan from OCCRP | Marina Walker Guevara from the Pulitzer Center | Bastian Obermayer

12.00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato.
Covering Mariupol
Mstyslav Chernov from AP | Evgeniy Maloletka from AP | Barbara Serra | Vasilisa Stepanenko

12.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
The value of independent journalism in a polarized world
Ros Atkins from BBC News | Alessandra Galloni from Reuters

14.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
AI journalism: the next generation?
Charlie Beckett from Polis | Gina Chua from Semafor | Lisa Gibbs from AP | Chris Moran from The Guardian

14.00. Sala delle Colonne, Palazzo Graziani.
How do you measure the social value of your journalism?
Richard Addy from AKAS | Styli Charalambous from the Daily Maverick | Phil Chetwynd from AFP | Ritu Kapur from Quint Digital Media Ltd

14.00. Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
Is anyone listening? Solutions and strategies to support the mental health of journalists under online attack
Nadine Hoffman from IWMF | Flora Schulte Nordholt from Free Press Unlimited | Nabeelah Shabbir from ICFJ | Ana Zellhuber from Vinland Solutions

15.00 Auditorium San Francesco al Prato
Fighting gendered disinformation: how women journalists stand up to dictators, shadowy foreign agents and digital conspiracy networks
Carole Cadwalladr from The Observer | Julie Posetti from ICFJ | Maria Ressa from Rappler | Marianna Spring from the BBC

16.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
What’s next for the business of news?
Melissa Bell from Vox | Styli Charalambous from the Daily Maverick | Rasmus Nielsen from RISJ | Cécile Sourd from Mediapart

16.00. Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
Building a viable newsroom in exile: successes and challenges of Russian independent media
Kirill Artemenko from Paperpaper | Taisia Bekbulatova from Holod | Jakub Parusinski from The Fix | Penelope Winterhager from the JX Fund

Other cool talks: on responding to populism | on climate reporting | on the power of editorial cartoons | on hyperlocal newsletters | on media freedom in Hong Kong | on press freedom in Europe 

Saturday 22 April

10.00. Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
Latin America: how to cover a region that is always in crisis
Maria Teresa Ronderos from CLIP | Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza from Dromómanos | Eduardo Suárez from RISJ | Silvia Vinas from El hilo

11.00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato
The elephant in the room: could AI give technology giants more control over the news?
Charlie Beckett from Polis | Emily Bell from the Tow Center for Digital Journalism | Nicholas Diakopoulos from Northwestern University | Uli Koppen from Bayerischer Rundfunk | Felix Simon from OII

11.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
Making newsrooms inclusive and safe for all genders: a leadership conversation
Catherine Gicheru from the Africa Women Journalism Project | Blathnaid Healy from Trinity College Dublin | Sisi Wei from The Markup

12.00. Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori.
Can governments save independent journalism? Will they? Should they?
Jodie Ginsberg from CPJ | Rasmus Nielsen from RISJ | Meera Selva from Internews Europe

12.00. Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori.
TikTok: killing video as we know it or curing news avoidance?
Anna Bressanin from BBC Reel | Eleonore Finkelstein from Brut.America | Dave Jorgenson from The Washington Post | Valentina Park from The News Movement

15.00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato.
Declining trust in media: a journalist safety issue
Elodie Vialle from the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society | Brian Stelter from the Shorenstein Center | Eduardo Suárez from RISJ | Lucy Westcott from CPJ

17.00.  Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
The importance of community networks for climate journalism
Jessica Davis from USA TODAY | Gustavo Faleiros from the Pulitzer Center | Katharina Kropshofer from the Austrian Climate Journalism Network | Mitali Mukherjee from RISJ 

More cool talks: on covering the Global South | on local journalism | on investing in journalism | on startup journalism | on fighting back against online abuse | on Russian journalism | on data journalism in Ukraine | on press freedom in El Salvador | on young people and the news | on African journalism

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