International Journalism Festival 2022: the events you shouldn't miss in Perugia

Here is a curated list of panels on topics such as press freedom, tech reporting, mental health, misinformation and the business of news
Unsplash / Mauro Grazzi

Unsplash / Mauro Grazzi

31st March 2022

The wait is over. After a two-year hiatus, journalists from all over the world are gathering for the International Journalism Festival in Perugia in early April. Many voices from the Reuters Institute will speak at the festival. Here's a selection of some of the highlights of the festival, which include panels on reader revenue models, mental health, press freedom, technology journalism and AI. All the panels will be live-streamed on the festival's IJF YouTube channel. See you in Perugia or online.

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Thursday 7 April

09.00. Sala del Dottorato.
Let’s rebuild the European local media ecosystem: infrastructure for thriving community media
Brigitte Alfter from Arena for Journalism in Europe | Lucas Batt from The Bristol Cable | Julia Hildebrand from Correctiv | Shirish Kulkarni from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

10:30. Hotel Brufani. Sala Raffaello.
How journalism leaders learn 
Matt Cooke from Google News Lab | Lucy Kueng from RISJ | François Nel from University of Central Lancashire | Anita Zielina from CUNY

10:30. Sala delle Colonne. Palazzo Graziani. 
Investigating media manipulation campaigns
Craig Silverman from ProPublica | Jane Lytvynenko from the Harvard Shorenstein Centre

12:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni. 
How can news outlets’ editorial independence be safeguarded in an era of declining revenues?
Eduardo Suárez from RISJ | Will Church from TRF | Kanbar Hossein-Bor | Khadija Patel from IPI

12:00. Sala della Vaccara. Palazzo dei Priori. 
How North American newsrooms are operationalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion
Ashley Alvarado from KPCC | Anita Li from The Other Wave

15:30. Palazzo Sorbello
In the post-pandemic world, is a physical newsroom worth fighting for?
Jane Barrett from Reuters | Maike Jungjohann from RTLNEWS | Nic Newman from RISJ | Angela Pacienza from The Globe and Mail

15:30. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato
Covering Putin’s war
Natalia Antelava from Coda Story | Jane Lytvynenko from Harvard Shorenstein Center | Peter Pomerantsev from Agora Institute

17:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni.
When content is product: editor-in-chief, product manager = product editor? 
Louise Story | Millie Tran from Conde Nast | Anita Zielina from CUNY

17:00. Sala delle Colonne. Palazzo Graziani. 
Conversations from the ecosystem: how to reenergize and protect free expression and local journalists
Candice Fortman from Outlier Media | Daniela Pinheiro from UOL | Alan Rusbridger from Prospect Magazine | Wendi Thomas from MLK50 

18:30. Sala del Dottorato. 
How to decide how to do new things (or not) in newsrooms
Renée Kaplan from FT | Robin Kwong from WSJ | Florence Martin-Kessler from Live Magazine | Chris Moran from the Guardian

Other cool talks: On journalism and AI | On reporting on sex and violence | On gender diversity | On Afghan media under the Taliban | On vaccine journalism | On building inclusive newsrooms | On philanthropy | On covering migration | On investigative journalism | On digital investigations | On mental health | On community journalism | On rethinking impact 

Friday 8 April

09:00. Hotel Brufani. Sala Raffaello.
Ten things I’ve learned about leadership
Jane Barrett from Reuters | Alison Gow from Reach | Lucy Kueng from RISJ | Inga Thordar

09:00. Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni.
Is philanthropy-funded journalism “real” journalism: and how does it work in a traditional newsroom?
Eliza Anyangwe from CNN | Tracy McVeigh from The Guardian

10:30. Sala San Francesco. Arcivescovado
Climate change: is journalism ready to uphold its mission to serve the people's right to know?
Sophie Huet from AFP | Kyle Pope from CJR | Meera Selva from RISJ | Urmi Goswami from The Economic Times 

10:30. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni. 
Journalism in the post truth era: the changing norms and ethics of journalism
Ros Atkins from the BBC | Emily Bell from the Tow Center for Digital Journalism | Errin Haines from The 19th | Vivian Schiller from the Aspen Institute

12:00. Sala della Vaccara. Palazzo dei Priori.
Moral dilemmas, moral injury and moral support: the psychological toll of journalism and how we can build resilience
Amira Al-Sharif | Anthony Feinstein from the University of Toronto | Clothilde Redfern from the Rory Peck Trust | Sanne Terlingen from Argos VPRO

12:00. Sala San Francesco. Arcivescovado.
How do we make freelance journalism sustainable?
Abigail Edge | Laura Oliver | Ana Maria Salinas from Freelance Journalism Assembly | Priyanka Shankar

14:00. Sala del Dottorato. 
What’s next for the business of news? 
Renée Kaplan from FT | Rosalia Lloret from | Federica Cherubini from RISJ | Siddharth Varadarajan from The Wire

14:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni
Overcoming the trolls: political polarisation, disinformation and journalist targets
Patrícia Campos Mello from Folha | Gypsy Guillen Kaiser from CPJ | Meera Selva from RISJ

14:00. Palazzo Sorbello. 
Beyond lip service: taking action for diversity and trust
Charity Brown from the Washington Post | Kathy English from Dotdash | Sally Lehrman from The Trust Project | Mackenzie Price from Dotdash

17:00. Auditorium San Francesco al Prato.
Journalistic business as usual is a disaster for democracy and civilisation
Mary Fitzgerald from OSF | Alan Rusbridger from RISJ | Mathew Ingram from CJR | Dan Gillmor from Arizona State University 

17:00. Sala del Dottorato.
How to tell climate change stories visually
Gloria Dickie from Reuters | Michael Kodas from Inside Climate News | Michele Lapini | Matt McGrath from BBC News

17:00. Sala delle Colonne. Palazzo Graziani 
Growth: what are the big levers, and what muscles do organisations need to pull them?
Renée Kaplan from FT | Yasir Khan from TRF | Lucy Kueng from RISJ | Robin Kwong from WSJ | Chris Moran from the Guardian 

18:30. Sala delle Colonne. Palazzo Graziani. 
Trust Boosters: Driving Innovation in Public Service Media 
Alessandra Borchardt | Felix Simon from OII | Ros Atkins from BBC | Christina Johannesson from SVT | Helje Solberg from NRK

18:30. Hotel Brufani. Sala Raffaello. 
The need for digital provenance: how the Content Authenticity Initiative is addressing mis/disinformation
Phil Chetwynd from Agence France-Presse | Laura Ellis from the BBC | Gary Knight from VII Photo Agency | Santiago Lyon from the Content Authenticity Initiative

18:30. Sala del Dottorato. 
Awarding to protect: the importance of awards to sustain journalism
Gian Paolo Accardo from VoxEurop | Alexandra Föderl-Schmid from Süddeutsche Zeitung | Megha Rajagopalan from BuzzFeed News | Alan Rusbridger from RISJ

Other cool talks: On journalism in Eastern Europe | On covering crypto | On whistleblowers | On covering tech | On covering climate | On journalism under repression | On live journalism | On covering AI | On journalism in exile | On solutions journalism | On newsroom innovation | On self-censorship | On ageism in the newsroom | On covering Afghanistan | On the Pandora Papers  

Saturday 9 April

09:00. Sala San Francesco. Arcivescovado.
Rebuilding the news from the grass roots
Aron Pilhofer from Temple University | Megan Lucero from The Bureau Local | Erin Millar from Indiegraf | Candice Fortman from Outlier Media

09:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni
News and how to use it: where does the audience fit in?
Dan Gillmor from Arizona State University | Alan Rusbridger from RISJ | Lea Korsgaard from Zetland | Hanna Israel from Zeit Online 

09:00. Sala della Vaccara. Palazzo dei Priori
Narratives of climate change 
Mauro Buonocore from the Center on Climate Change | Angela Morelli from InfoDesignLab | Jelena Prtoric | Meera Selva from RISJ

10:30. Sala del Dottorato
How to fight your biased brain. 
Christina Elmer | Alexander Sangerlaub | Meera Selva from RISJ | Maren Urner

12:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni
Should media organisations and journalists accept funding from Google and Meta? 
Charlie Beckett from LSE | Emily Bell from Tow Center | Mathew Ingram from CJR 

14:00. Sala della Vaccara. Palazzo dei Priori
Reader revenue models: how to succeed beyond the English language
Tomas Bella from Dennik N | Lea Korsgaard from Zetland | Rosalía Lloret from | Eduardo Suárez from RISJ

15:30. Palazzo Sorbello
Why you should watch these media entrepreneurs out of Asia in 2022
Tanmoy Goswami from Sanity by Tanmoy | Anu Harchu | Rishad Patel from Splice Media | Alan Soon from Splice Media

17:00. Sala San Francesco. Arcivescovado
Press freedom in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Marina Constantinoiu from South East Europe Media Organisation | Tikhon Dzyadko from Dozhd | Arzu Geybulla from Azerbaijan Internet Watch | Rinat Tuhvatshin from Kloop

17:00. Sala Brugnoli. Palazzo Cesaroni.
Online violence against women journalists: a global scourge that demands urgent action
Patrícia Campos Mello from Folha | Julie Posetti from ICFJ | Marianna Spring from the BBC | Rana Ayyub from the Washington Post

17:00. Sala del Dottorato. 
Targeting technology: how are we covering one of the most important beats in the world?
Julia Angwin from The Markup | Natalia Antelava from Coda Story | Anup Kaphle from Rest of the World | Vivian Schiller from the Aspen Institute

18:30. Sala del Dottorato. 
The human and the machine: can we rely on AI to solve the information crisis?
Catherine Gicheru from Africa Women Journalism Project | Mark Little from Kinzen | Ben Whitelaw

Other cool talks:  On journalism in exile | On journalism in Brazil | On news innovation | On cross-field collaboration | On decolonising media coverage | On news explainers | On online abuse | On mapping conspiracies | On investigative journalism | On Wikileaks | On Rupert Murdoch | On media freedom | On journalism in Afghanistan | On podcasting in the Global South | On news fatigue