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Alan Rusbridger: The World After Snowden

18 Mar 2015

The debate over the impact of Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks has been obscured by “muddle and fog”, particularly in the United Kingdom, according to Alan Rusbridger. The Guardian’s editor-in-chief said the lack of response from British politicians, journalists and the public following the revelations was “very frustrating”.Politicians in the UK have found the subject “toxic”, complex and difficult to discuss, but  the issues are too important to be ignored, Rusbridger said. “The penny has dropped recently that, love or hate Edward Snowden, he has laid out a huge canvas of issues that concern us all,” he said. View the full article 'Alan Rusbridger: The World After Snowden' by Caroline Lees via the EJO (European Journalism Observatory) Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian delivered this lecture on 16 March in the Large Lecture Theatre, Nuffield College. Lecture title: 'The world since Snowden' This event was co-organised by RISJ and Nuffield College, University of Oxford.