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The Journalists Under Pressure Fund is a new fund for people to donate any sum of money, to help journalists operating in difficult conditions join the Reuters Institute's Journalist Fellowship Programme. The programme gives journalists worldwide new skills and opportunities to meet the challenges of the industry and return to journalism with new energy.

The purpose of the fund

The Journalists Under Pressure fund is to bring journalists operating in difficult conditions to our flagship Fellowship Programme. 

We want to be able to support more journalists who need skills and solidarity to cope with hostile environments, whether that comes from dictatorial governments, online attacks or warzones. They will have the chance to speak about press freedom, misinformation, newsroom innovation and business models and go back to their jobs with new energy and connections. 

The Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme aims to help all its participants  find ways to meet the challenges facing the media head on. 

We aim to raise £180,000 over three years to be able to offer at least two 6-month fellowships every year to journalists operating in adverse conditions. Eligible journalists must meet the criteria for our Fellowship Programme, so they are practising working journalists with a track record of exceptional professional success, who will contribute to and benefit from the community of journalists at the Institute.

All journalists who join the programme from abroad must leave the UK and return to journalism once the fellowship is complete. The goal of the fellowship is to support the journalist, and raise awareness of the topic both within the Institute and globally.

How to donate

If you or your organisation would like to make a donation of any size to the fund, please contact Kate Hanneford-Smith, Director of Operations,

Alternatively, you can donate in the link below.