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Austrian Press Agency Alfred Geiringer Fellowship

The Alfred Geiringer Foundation for the Further Education of Journalists, introduced in 2001 and sponsored by the Austrian Press Agency, aims to encourage the development of high-quality journalism in Austria. It is named in honour of Alfred Geiringer, who was forced to emigrate from Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938 but returned to Europe in 1946 as Reuters European Editor and played an instrumental role in founding APA as an independent, newspapers-owned co-operative. The Geiringer Fellowship, organised since 2002 jointly by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and APA, gives one highly-qualified journalist, selected annually from Austrian journalists at APA or its owner-media, the opportunity to spend three months (one term) studying at RISJ.

Recent Fellows and their projects:

  • Sonja Gruber (2014-15) News Embargoes - Under threat, but not extinct: How an ancient press tool survives in the modern media world
  • Anna-Maria Wallner (2013-14) The writing is on the paywall - how media companies in small countries can develop the right paid content strategy
  • Christoph Griessner (2012-13)News Agencies and Social Media: A Relationship with a Future?
  • Monika Kalcsics (2011-12): A reporting disaster? The interdependence of media and aid agencies in a competitive compassion market
  • Judith Högerl (2010-11): An agency full of citizens? How news agencies cope with citizen journalism: Their concerns and strategies
  • Eva Weissenberger(2009-10): Social-media guidelines for journalists: When to blog? Whom not to be friends with? What not to tweet about
  • Alexandra Frech (2008-09): Polish migrant workers in the United Kingdom

Applications are made directly to APA.

Javier Borelli
General Information Editor, Tiempo Argentino

Javier Borelli

Fellow from January 2019

Marton Magocsi
Visual journalist, Abcúg

Marton Magocsi

Journalist Fellow from January 2019