Building relationship and trust on TikTok - and finding news stories

Sophia Smith Galer, BBC journalist and TikTok content creator
20th January 2021
13:00 - 14:00
Sophia Smith Galer

BBC religion and digital culture journalist Sophia created the podumentary: The TikTok Election. She has 140k followers over 3M likes on TikTok (and counting), and made headline news in 2020 when she used her knowledge of the platform to show how Donald Trump was using it to campaign for the presidency, even while trying to get the app banned. She was named Edinburgh TV Festival’s Ones to Watch and is one of TikTok’s top 100 creators. She'll talk to us about the rise of journo-influencers, and share insights on how to use TikTok to build relationship and trust, and find news stories.

Watch the seminar here:

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