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Zehra Sayed

Zehra Sayed has a Bachelor's degree in economics from University of Mumbai. After graduating, she worked as a journalist for two years at "Sun", a national youth magazine in India. In 2003 she left India to pursue a Master's degree in Journalism Studies at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Since 2009 Zehra Sayed is a PhD student at Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden. Her research interests focus on power relations in media practices in developed and developing countries. She has taught in areas such as media management, critical theory, international business, organization and leadership.Zehra Sayed is currently in the process of writing up her thesis. It draws on Postcolonial Theory to critique some of the assumptions underlying theories of international knowledge spillover and knowledge transfer. By undertaking empirical research among journalists for transnational media organizations in India, she gives voice to intended knowledge recipients and proposes alternative ways of understanding international knowledge transfer and spillover, generating new avenues for future research. Zehra Sayed will be at RIJS during the spring of 2014. She will be conducting interviews with media practitioners and working on her thesis manuscript under supervision of Professor Robert Picard.