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Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellowship

The purpose of the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation is to advance and support excellence in research as a means of insuring the broad base, independence, and continuity of Finnish scientific work. The fields of particular interest for the Foundation are communications, the communications industry, and futures research. The Foundation also promotes and supports freedom of expression, including research into the history of freedom of expression, and it fosters educational and cultural activities in Finland. Since 2008-9, the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation has funded three nine-month (3 term) Fellowships at RISJ as part of its annual provision of several million euros for different projects and special undertakings.

Recent Fellows and their projects:

  • Kati Toivanen (2014-15) Magazine Editor’s Tools – What Constitutes a Good Editing Process?
  • Petri Jauhiainen (2014-15) Cross-media News for a new generation: How to combine broadcast TV and the social media for better news communication
  • Satu Vasantola (2014-15) Do you think it's sex? You are wrong! This is what people share most on social media
  • Kirsi Hakaniemi (2013-14) From a Print House to a Technology Company. How to reinvent a regional newspaper in the digital age?
  • Jarkko Jokelainen (2013-14) Anyone can be a critic: is there still a need for Professional Arts and Culture Journalism in the Digital Age?
  • Mirjami Saarinen (2013-14) From a lecture to a conversation: audience empowerment in business newspapers in the digital era
  • Saila Kiuttu (2012-13) Integrate multimedia, make fingers happy: journalistic storytelling on tablets
  • Anu Nousianen (2012-13) A Bunch of Distractive Writing: Why has fact-based and extensively reported American style narrative journalism not gained ground in Europe?
  • Anne Achte (2012-13) New tricks for an old pony: Is it essential for speech radio programmes to utilise social media in order to stay relevant to the audience?
  • Kaijaleena Runsten (2011-12): Reporting Global Trade: is it a dying art and if so, does it matter?
  • Laura Saarikoski (2011-12): Herding the cats: How to lead journalists in the digital age
  • Saska Saarikoski (2011-12): Branding journalists - can it help newspapers in distress?

Applications are made directly to the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Javier Borelli
General Information Editor, Tiempo Argentino

Javier Borelli

Fellow from January 2019

Marton Magocsi
Visual journalist, Abcúg

Marton Magocsi

Journalist Fellow from January 2019