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In Pursuit of Repertoires of News Consumption. Analysing how People use News Media in Everyday Life

Kim Schroder, Visiting Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford
2:00pm, Wednesday 30 May 2018
E.P. Abraham Lecture Theatre, Green Templeton College


Kim Schrøder is Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University, Denmark.

His co-authored and co-edited books in English include Audience transformations: Shifting audience positions in late modernity (2014), Museum communication and social media: The connected museum (2013), Researching audiences (2003), Media cultures (1992), and The Language of Advertising (1985). He has published widely in journals such as Media, Culture & Society, Journalism Studies, Digital Journalism and Participations - Journal of Audience and Reception Studies.

Professor Schrøder’s project, “Between Normative and lifeworld understandings of News: Exploring media repertoires in the age of ‘unbundled news’” asks how can we better understand people’s lived experiences with (news) media across the communicative figurations of everyday life and will aim to generate new knowledge about the micro-dynamics of news consumption as a civic resource in the contemporary news media ecology.

Kim is the 2018 Google Digital News Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute.