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Negotiating Culture: integrating legacy and digital cultures in news media

Lucy Küng, Research Associate, Reuters Institute, Prof. Robert G. Picard, North American Representative
7:00pm, Wednesday 28 October 2015
St Catherine's College, Oxford
The increasing importance of the Internet, social media, and mobile media for the distribution of news and information has altered news production practices and is creating conflicts among journalistic values and norms, digital media values and norms, and various commercial and organizational imperatives. News media increasingly find that the organisational cultures that represent some of their greatest strengths are also weaknesses, even after over two decades of dealing with digital media. This conference explores the nature of those encounters and how newsrooms and news organizations are negotiating cultural differences and creating new hybrid cultures involving legacy and digital elements.Registration includes dinner at an Oxford college on 28th October, an informal dinner 29th October, lunch and refreshments on both the 29th and the 30th, and admission to the conference keynote by Professor Lucy Küng and Professor Robert Picard. The conference starts with dinner in the evening of Wednesday 28th October and runs all day 29th and 30th October. Conference price of GBP £250 includes a pre-conference reception and dinner on 28th October, teas and coffees and lunch for both days plus an informal dinner on the 29th October. To register and book your place, click here.