How can people’s behaviour and attitudes during lockdown inform social policy for post-pandemic UK?

Tim Gardam, Rasmus Nielsen, Alexandra Freeman, Joe Tomlinson
11th June 2020
11:00 - 12:00

This webinar, hosted by the Nuffield Foundation, will explore the emerging evidence on people’s attitudes to the initial policy response to COVID-19 and consider how this might inform both the short-term transition from lockdown and the longer-term response to mitigate the social impact of the pandemic.

Drawing on contemporary research funded by the Nuffield Foundation and related evidence, the panel will consider people’s attitudes to the government and media response to the pandemic and their compliance (or otherwise) with the severe restrictions on their liberty.

Tim Gardam, Chief Executive, Nuffield Foundation (Chair)
Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford
Dr Alexandra Freeman, Executive Director of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, University of Cambridge
• Dr Joe Tomlinson, Senior Lecturer in Public Law, University of York

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