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35th Anniversary of the Journalist Fellowship Programme

3:00pm, Friday 7 September 2018

The Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship programme will celebrate its 35th Anniversary on 7-9 September.

All RISJ alumni are invited to the event, which will be held in venues across Oxford, including the Sheldonian Theatre and the Mathematics Institute.

The weekend will begin with a keynote lecture by Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, and Chair of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. His lecture, Breaking the News: the Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now, starts at 5.30pm on Friday 7 September. Registrations begin at 5pm. 

The lecture will be followed by a dinner for RISJ alumni and their invited guests at Balliol College.

Maria Ressa, CEO of, the independent Philippines news site fighting attempts by the country's government to shut it down, is among the speakers on Saturday 8 September. The day will consist of seminars, workshops and discussions on a range of topics including collaborative journalism, the media's role in elections, and the influence of platforms, aggregating sites and artificial intelligence.

Saturday's discussions and speakers are as follows:

Plenary Session 1: Press, Politics and Power
Meera Selva (Chair), Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme, RISJ; Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Editor, Rappler; John Lloyd, Contributing Editor, Financial Times and Senior Research Fellow, RISJ; Luke Harding, Foreign Correspondent, The Guardian

Plenary Session 2: Digital News Report
Alexandra Borchardt (Chair), Director of Strategic Development, RISJ; David Levy, Director, RISJ; Nic Newman, Research Associate, RISJ

Breakout Session: Media and Elections: Is the Information Society Distorting Democracy?
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Chair); Cornelia Fuchs; Juliana Fregoso; Richard Danbury

Breakout Session: Aggregation, AI, Platforms: Who Chooses What We Hear, See and Read?
Nic Newman (Chair); Caithlin Mercer; Catherine Gicheru; Nicola Bruno

Breakout Session: Killing the Messenger: Journalists Under Attack
Maria Ressa (Chair); Bahaar Joya; Kemal Goktas

Breakout Session: Collaborative Journalism: A Model for the New Era
James Painter (Chair); Yasuomi Sawa; Catalina Arevalo; Alexandre Léchenet

On Sunday 9 September, alumni are invited to an open house at the Reuters Institute.

If you have already signed up we look forward to seeing you. You can also download the complete itinerary.