Strategic Analyst, NRK
Country of Origin: 
Google Digital News
Date of Fellowship: 
Hilary and Trinity terms, 2016
Research Paper Title: 
Facilitating The Big Conversations in an age of fragmentation

Anders Hofseth is a journalist and strategic analyst at NRK – The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He is the inaugural Google Digital News Journalist Fellow at the Reuters Institute for Journalism at Oxford University for the 2016 Hilary and Trinity terms.

Anders is part of NRKbeta; the NRK's future lab and think tank, where he does strategic analysis and edits the internal trend newsletter Betalysis – his fields of expertise being public service journalism, strategy, media trends and public dialogue.

His digital adventures started in 2007, as an advisor in the reorganising of NRK's digital efforts. Over the years Anders has been involved in most of NRK's major digital strategic projects, heading week-long workshops in the conception phase of services such as the news service and NRK's front page operation. He has also served as editor of the award-winning Norwegian weather site

Before joining the modern media environment, Anders worked as a creative producer and project manager in NRK's marketing department, writing and producing several award winning campaigns.

After a film and TV education from Oslo Film and TV Academy, his career in the NRK started in TV in the mid 1990s. At first in the documentary department, later on in the entertainment department. His broad experience and range of contacts within the entire organisation – from the props department to senior management – is valuable in understanding the challenges for an old organisation struggling to adapt to a new reality.

On his spare time, Anders writes music for his band Superhöyt.

Research Paper Title: 
Facilitating The Big Conversations in an age of fragmentation

The public debate in traditional media is increasingly not reaching the entire population. If political debate in its current form is no longer working, how do we handle our Public Service mission in the next General Election?

Internet Picks: 

1. Reddit

An endless source of information, education and entertainment. Also, probably the best place for making sense of breaking news.

2. Buzzfeed

Some older colleagues may frown upon BuzzFeed. The fact remains they stand out in being relatable to a young audience, probably in part because they master dialogue and listening. Also, they manage to furnish a young audience with news.

3. NRKbeta

NRKbeta is a collaborative labour of love between the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and its public – proving that a well tended Comments Section can increase the value of the site.