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Public Relations: The Master Now

Ed Williams, CEO, Edelman UK; Trish Evans, Senior Lecturer in Public Relations, University of Westminster; Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive
6:00pm, Tuesday 2 December 2014
RSA Great Room auditorium, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ
  After a century in which public relations needed journalism because journalists were the main gatekeepers of news and information, the internet and social media have now empowered the PR trade and freed it from subservience to the news media. What does this mean for the future of journalism, and the future of the public interest? This public event was organised by the RSA in association with the Reuters Institute, and launched John Lloyd and Laura Toogood's publication Journalism and PR: News Media and Public Relations in the Digital Age. Watch a replay of the lecture via the RSA YouTube channel or listen to the podcast of the lecture via the RSA website. Suggested hashtag for Twitter users: #RSARISJ