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Local Journalism around the World

9:00am, Thursday 27 February 2014
The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism hosted a conference on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th February on local journalism around the world examining professional practices, economic foundations, and political implications of current changes in the media.Much research, professional debate, and media policy discussion is primarily oriented towards national and international media, though regional and local media continue to be important parts of people’s lives, continue to tie communities together, and continue to represent a significant part of the overall media market. The conference brought together researchers from 16 different countries to discuss the uncertain future of local journalism, and include papers on the struggle of new emerging hyperlocals in different European countries, the relative decline of local and regional newspapers in terms of revenue and audience reach, and people’s perception of local and regional media as more and more content is in many cases in fact produced far away and/or by journalists with few local ties and little local knowledge.