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We encourage free, attributed, reuse of our text, data or charts within your own websites, publications and presentations. Most charts on this site can be embedded within other websites using the embed code provided. Data can also be downloaded for any chart or table using the 'get data' link. All we ask in return is that you credit the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism or the Reuters Institute Digital News Report as set out in our terms and conditions.

We have also compiled a slide presentation with all the charts in the report to view or download

We will also be happy to discuss providing the underlying data tables to academic or industry researchers on request. If you would like to access these tables for your research project, please contact the Reuters Institute.

The questions and base sizes are included underneath the relevant chart or table and you can also download the full questionnaire.

Our podcast

Authors of the Digital News Report, the most comprehensive study of news consumption trends worldwide, discuss the key findings from this year's report.

Launch events

The Digital News Report was launched in a series of events focusing on different regions of the world covered by the report. You can find speaker details on our DNR launches page.

Europe, 23 June 2021

USA, 24 June

India, pre-recorded

Africa, 1 July

Asia-Pacific, 5 July

Latin America, 6 July


With press freedom under threat... we are doing all we can to help journalists fight back. Our new fund brings journalists working in difficult environments on to our Fellowship Programme so they can build the networks, skills and knowledge they need. Please donate any amount you can from £25 here