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Research is central to all the Institute’s activities and it conducts and facilitates research projects designed to improve knowledge and understanding of the  challenges facing news media and journalism, public policy issues options, and professional practices.

Research funding is provided by governmental research funding agencies, non-governmental organisations, foundations and companies.

The Institute is currently pursuing a range of projects under three broad themes:

Journalism and Democracy

This encompasses projects exploring the functions of media in political information, engagement, and participation, the roles of journalism and other media and communication platforms in democratization, the interplay of politics and the media, and public policies toward media.

Business and Financial Reporting

These projects are focused on the practices and effects of business/financial reporting, variations in practices around the globe, relationships between journalists and sources, and how coverage portrays and effects national and international economic and financial policies.

Science and Technology

Projects exploring the role of news and journalism in creating awareness and understanding of science and medicine, reporting of risk, and effects on public opinion and governmental policies.


Additional research is carried out in non-themed projects carried out by Institute staff, visiting fellows (scholars and senior practitioners), and journalist fellows.

Research activities of the institute are coordinated and overseen by Robert G. Picard, RISJ Director of Research.

Past Journalist Fellows' Research

A summary of recent Fellows' papers can be found here

Details of the independent research projects of Journalist Fellows can be found on their profile pages. Their research papers are available to download.