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Richard Inglewood

Chairman CN Group

Richard Inglewood is a member of the RISJ's Advisory Board.

Richard has been a member of the House of Lords since 1989, and was a Member of the European Parliament for ten years during which time he served on the Legal Affairs Committee. He has been non-executive Director of CN Group (The Cumbrian local media group) since 2002, was Minister for Broadcasting 1995-1997 during which time he was responsible for the Broadcasting Act 1996 which introduced Digital into the UK, and Chaired the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications 2011-2014.

When he was chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications, the Committee’s main, but not exclusive, focus was the implications of the development of electronic media and the digital era on the political, and in particular the regulatory, process.

At CN he has been watching closely the moves the Company has been taking to transfer its newspaper from ‘paper’ to ‘digital’.

He is a graduate of Trinity College Cambridge, and a barrister, and was a Visiting Parliamentary Fellow at St Antony’s College Oxford 2014-2015. He lives in Cumbria.