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Polly Curtis

Former Editor, HuffPost UK; Advisory panel member to the Cairncross Review; former Senior Editor, The Guardian

Polly Curtis has 18 years’ experience as a journalist, was editor-in-chief at HuffPost UK and before that director of media at the British Red Cross. Most of her career was at the Guardian where she was a reporter covering various beats, including a spell in the lobby, then a senior editor. She has broad experience of editing the Guardian website, duty editing the newspaper, and running the daily news operation – coordinating reporting, production, audience, visual, and data teams around stories.

Her interest has always been in taking her traditional background in reporting and to use it to influence the cutting edge of the digital transformation the media industry is going through. She is a member of the panel advising the Cairncross Review, the independent inquiry of the future sustainability of high quality news, is on the board of the Society of Editors, and is an external examiner for Cardiff School of Journalism.

Polly’s research interest is in the democratic news gap. She’s interested in news “haves” and “have-nots”, and the profound impact this has on the democracies we live in. She will look at how business models and the crisis in news could exacerbate this, and how people are finding their news - via social media and increasingly third party platforms and news apps preloaded on phones. Tabloids brought properly researched news amongst the fun to the masses. What provides this function for the digital age?