Foreign affairs reporter at Folha de S. Paulo
Country of Origin: 
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Date of Fellowship: 
Hilary and Trinity terms 2014
Research Paper Title: 
Continuity and change in the Cuban media under Raúl Castro

Flavia Marreiro studied Journalism at a university in the state of Ceará, in the Northeast of Brazil, and moved to São Paulo to enrol in Folha de S. Paulo's trainee programme. For the past eight years she has been working as a foreign affairs reporter at Folha de S. Paulo. She has focused on Latin America during a time of political, economical and social changes for the continent. As a correspondent, first in Argentina, later on in Venezuela, but also traveling and reporting from 11 different countries, she interviewed crucial players in the region.

Research Paper Title: 
Continuity and change in the Cuban media under Raúl Castro

With an official rate of only 22% of the population (the number is disputed) with access to the internet, Cuba is mostly offline. My research will look at the efforts made by Cubans - including those influenced by American policies - to develop an independent public sphere - and to confront government censorship and technological blockades. I am interested as well in the unstoppable underground traffic of USB flash drives, carrying from pirate movies to blog posts and censured news.

Download 'Continuity and change in the Cuban media under Raúl Castro' (PDF)

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