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  1. Facebook and Twitter: the real winners in elections?

    A new study published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ), shows that methods of electioneering and political reporting have changed for good because of Facebook and Twitter. Written by Nic Newman,...read more ›

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    Tell it to the birds...why the Twitter revolution is falling on deaf ears

    Joy Lodico, a contributing editor to Prospect magazine, presented the seminar “Tell it to the birds… why the Twitter revolution is falling on deaf ears” on Wednesday June 2nd. She was invited by Reuters Institute for the Study of...read more ›

  3. Good News from a Far Country?

    Reuters Institute report finds that huge investment in international broadcasting in recent years is largely concentrated on partial news providers. Impartial international broadcast news is still a scarce commodityread more ›

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    Three new Journalist Fellows' papers now available online

    Three recent Reuters journalist fellows have published their research findings online: Cherelle Jackson, an environment journalist from Samoa, has written the first ever study of how the media in her country have covered...read more ›

  5. David Butler ends his renowned Friday evening seminar series at Nuffield College

    For the first time in 53 years, Dr David Butler sat on the chair usually reserved for the guest of his legendary Media and Politics seminar at Nuffield College, Oxford. On Friday evening 4th of June, the people gathered in the...read more ›

  6. Former Fellow wins Grantham Prize for excellence in environmental reporting

    Reuters Fellowship alumna Alanna Mitchell (2002), has recently been awarded the prestigious Grantham Prize for her book Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis.    Read more hereread more ›

  7. Power without Responsibility

    Professor Jean Seaton highlighted the complex relationship between the media and the effect it has had on society. She pointed out that one main change in the last 70-80 years has been the visualisation of communication. The...read more ›

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    News and the Internet – New report from the OECD

    This report is the most up to date and comprehensive account of how news organisations are being affected by the internet across the OECD and how they and policymakers are responding. RISJ Director, Dr David Levy advised the OECD...read more ›

  9. The Watchdog’s New Bark

    The Watergate era in which journalists played the role of heroic, independent investigators is receding, according to New Zealand’s Dr Donald Matheson. Or perhaps it was always a myth.read more ›

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    Is the internet killing newspapers?

    Is the internet killing newspapers? On June 8, RISJ Postdoctoral Research Fellow Rasmus Kleis Nielsen presented preliminary research conducted with David Levy that suggests otherwise at a conference at the University of...read more ›