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  1. Geneva Conventions: Bearing Witness

    Nik Gowing writes on the fast-changing realities of the new media and information dynamic in this month's volume of The World Today, the monthly magazine from Chatham House. Click here to read the article.Nik is author of...read more ›

  2. Privacy, Probity and Public Interest

    At what point does investigation become intrusion? In Britain there is currently a battle engaged around the point at which freedom of information and expression meet the right to the protection of private life. The new RISJ...read more ›

  3. Public Trust in the News: A constructivist study of the social life of the news

    The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is pleased to announce its latest publication in the CHALLENGES series.   The issue of trust in our institutions has never been higher in the public agenda. In this...read more ›

  4. Logo: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

    News of the World? The Future of International Broadcasting

    On Tuesday June 16th, Timothy Garton Ash will chair a panel discussion on international broadcasting at the Thomson Reuters Headquarters in London.The panel will include:    * Christine Ockrent, COO, Audiovisuel...read more ›

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    Research papers by five Reuters Journalist Fellows now online

    The research papers of five Reuters Journalist Fellows can now be downloaded from the Reuters Institute website.read more ›

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    Is the BBC the Guarantor of Journalistic Standards?

    Kevin Marsh, Editor of the BBC College of Journalism, spoke on the BBC as guarantor of journalistic standards, and whether these standards are applicable universally. It may be laudable to teach investigative journalism in...read more ›

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    Television in Europe’s New Democracies

    Presenting his recent study on television in Europe’s new democracies, Mark Thompson outlined the many difficulties facing Public Service Broadcasting in these countries.read more ›

  8. Nik Gowing on BBC Radio 4: The Media Show

    Journalist Nik Gowing discusses his report 'Skyful of Lies', published by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford.read more ›

  9. Logo: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

    Awkward Questions

    John Naughton asks whether newspapers are really that important for democracy and questions the media’s ability to handle complex issues.read more ›

  10. Professor Robert G Picard (photo: Anders Brenna / tekniskbeta.no)

    Why Journalists Deserve Low Pay

    Robert Picard argues that if journalism is to survive, journalists must find a way to create new means of gathering, processing and distributing information.read more ›