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  1. Pallavi Aiyar

    Journalist Fellow's new book receives excellent reviews

    'Smoke and Mirrors: An Experience of China' by Pallavi Aiyar, has just been published by Harper Collins/Fourth Estate India, and has already attracted a very positive responseread more ›

  2. John Lloyd

    Mercato e Democrazia

    The RISJ's Director of Journalism, John Lloyd, gave a speech in Trento last weekend. Read the transcript nowread more ›

  3. Dr Martin Conboy

    Finding an Audience in Troubled Times

    The Rhetoric of Popular Proletarianism: In a recent RISJ seminar, Martin Conboy looked at commercial populism and the Daily Mirror between 1934 and 1945read more ›

  4. Dr Henrik Örnebring

    ICA Conference - Comparing Media Systems

    The International Communication Association is holding its conference in Montreal this year. Dr Henrik Örnebring is there, and covering the event via his blogread more ›

  5. Roger Alton

    Not dead yet?

    Roger Alton, former editor of The Observer, says we shouldn't write off the press just yet. John Kelly considers his argumentread more ›

  6. The Price of Plurality

    Download 'The Price of Plurality'

    Our latest publication, a book produced in association with Ofcom, is now available to download as a PDFread more ›

  7. Dr Henry Laurence

    State Censorship in Britain, Japan and America

    Journalist Fellow Kayo Tomono gives her thoughts on Henry Laurence's seminar 'State Censorship in Britain, Japan and America: Editorial Autonomy vs. Government Control at the BBC, NHK and PBS'read more ›

  8. Trevor Mostyn

    Censorship in Islamic Societies

    In this week's seminar, Trevor Mostyn, Senior Advisor to the Journalism Fellowship Programme, gave his thoughts on censorship issues in Islamic societiesread more ›

  9. Peter McKay

    Peter McKay’s walk down the street of shame

    The Daily Mail’s colourful Peter McKay was a speaker at the RISJ seminar series during Hilary Term. read more ›

  10. RISJ logo

    'Power of the Commentariat' available to download

    How much influence do the major commentators in the UK press actually have? Read the report by Editorial Intelligence and the Reuters Institute read more ›