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  1. Big Data for Media Conference 2014

    While 2013 was the year of Big Data hype, 2014 is shaping up to be the year of Big Data success stories for media companies. The second annual Big Data for Media conference, organised by the Reuters Institute and World Newsmedia...read more ›

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    Good media, bad politics? New media and the Syrian conflict

    The relationship between new media and uprisings is mired in hyperbole and cynicism; too often boosters think of new media either as a panacea for freedom-loving movements in Europe and the Middle East, while critics too easily...read more ›

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    Vacancy: Finance and Administrative Officer

    The Reuters Institute is seeking a well organised and flexible individual to join their small hands-on administrative team.The role entails delivering a high degree of administrative support to the Institute Administrator and...read more ›

  4. Oxford Editor & CEO Forum, 3rd-4th April

    The Reuters Institute last week gathered together a very distinguished group of news industry leaders, Editors in Chief and CEOs from 10 countries for 24 hours of in-depth and off the record discussions on some of the key...read more ›

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    The FT’s digital strategy

    “This is an increasingly exciting time to be a journalist. News rooms are in a stage of upheaval and the business models are in flux. Journalism is changing everywhere,” says James Lamont, the managing editor of the Financial...read more ›

  6. Le Monde announces new Fellowship at the Reuters Institute

    We are delighted to announce the creation of a new Fellowship sponsored by Le Monde.Based at the Reuters Institute, the inaugural Le Monde-Reuters Institute Fellowship will commence in October 2014 and is open to journalists...read more ›

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    RISJ contributes to cross-party committee report on communicating climate science

    Evidence from RISJ head of journalism programme and researcher James Painter features strongly in a new report by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on communicating climate science.In a new report published...read more ›

  8. Former Fellow wins Bonnier Journalist of the Year award

    Saska Saarikoski, a Journalist Fellow in 2010-11, has taken home the title of Journalist of the Year, awarded by Bonnier.He is one of four winners of Finland’s Grand Prize for Journalism 2013, beating off competition from some...read more ›

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    Vacancy: Institute Administrator

    The Reuters Institute is seeking a new Administrator, based in Norham Gardens, Oxford. The successful applicant will be located in a small but expanding research centre and will be working closely with leading researchers,...read more ›

  10. There Are at Least 500 Child Soldiers Fighting in Northeast India, and the World Hasn’t Noticed

    Insurgent armies in India's restive Northeast region are exploiting the area's poverty to recruit and press-gang underage fighters — and the problem has dramatically worsened in recent years.read more ›

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    Data journalism and academia: friend or foe?

    “Data journalism is research in quick time. But to compared to academic research and writing, data journalism is characterized by its transparency as the whole process from the data collection to the final journalistic story can...read more ›

  12. Former Fellow among Young Global Leaders Class of 2014

    Pallavi Aiyar, a journalist Fellow from 2007-8 has been named among the Young Global Leaders 2014. Set up as an independent, not-for-profit foundation under the Swiss government, the Forum of Young Global Leaders is an...read more ›

  13. New Working Paper: Trust and Journalism in a Digital Environment

    The telephone-hacking scandal in the UK, the NSA activities in the US and in several other countries disclosed by Edward Snowden, the tapping of the telephone of the German Chancellor have led to serious crises of trust. The...read more ›

  14. The Ethics of Journalism: new publication now available

    The landscape in which journalists now work is substantially different to that of the twentieth century. The rise of digital and social media necessitates a new way of considering the ethical questions facing practicing...read more ›

  15. Picard Provides Assessment of Tribune Co. Breakup for U.S. Congress

    Robert G. Picard, Director of Research of the Reuters Institute is providing independent expert assessment of the spinoff of Tribune Publishing from the Tribune Corp. for the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on...read more ›

  16. News Organisations which Will Succeed in 2020

    News organisations blame the internet for almost all their woes; from eroding sales, to persuading readers that news should be free and for killing classified advertising. read more ›

  17. Resignations shine unwelcome light on to Russia Today

    For a TV network which wants to become a household name to millions around the world, Russia Today has certainly generated a lot of publicity in recent days as it broadcasts about the political crisis in Ukraine. The problem for...read more ›

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    Could PR be the saviour of journalism?

    Public relations professionals and journalists are mutually co-dependent as both seek to influence the same audience. They share many similar challenges and are guided by a similar code of ethics. The relationship between the two...read more ›

  19. How mobile phones are changing journalism practice in the 21st Century

    Mobile phones are a crucial piece of equipment changing not only the way readers and viewers consume the news today but also sometimes the way the content is being produced. Mobile phone with a camera capacity is a product of the...read more ›

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    RISJ conference on the uncertain future of local journalism

    The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is hosting a conference on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th February on local journalism around the world examining professional practices, economic foundations, and political...read more ›

  21. Study reveals how cutting BBC licence fee would reduce choice and value for money

    Cutting the BBC licence fee would reduce consumer choice and value for money, as well as greatly damaging UK programme producers, says a new RISJ study. The 100-page report What If There Were No BBC Television? The Net Impact...read more ›

  22. Changing media and politics in Tajikistan

    Esfandiar Adinabay is the first ever Reuters journalist fellow from the Central Asian Republic of income-poor and internet-poor Tajikistan, which used to form part of the Soviet Union.  Esfandiar, who works for the BBC...read more ›

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    Delving into the Discourse: Approaches to News Values in Journalism Studies and Beyond

    The study of news values (news factors) has been applied to a wide range of journalistic practices and commercial conditions influencing the news media industry. read more ›

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    Content Creation Taxes Raise Significant Policy Issues

    The implications of proposed taxes and levies to support media content production are explored in a new RISJ policy brief, "Content taxes in the digital age."read more ›

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    Leaks, Snowden and the Guardian

    “I have never been prouder of the Guardian”, says former diplomatic editor Ewen MacAskill, who has been at the paper since 1996 and is one of a team of three Guardian journalists dealing with the Edward Snowden files. In his...read more ›

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    Reporting Pakistan and specialist journalism

    Are the days of the generalist reporter coming to an end? Long-time BBC presenter and former foreign correspondent, Owen Bennett-Jones, thinks so and he argues that a very different model is emerging in response to the digital...read more ›

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    Preben Munthe Fellowship

    Call for Applications for journalists ordinarily resident in Norway for the inaugural Preben Munthe Fellowship at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University in 2014read more ›

  28. Covering Fragile Days: The Role of the Media in Post-Authoritarian Regimes: A Case Study of Myanmar

    Thiri Zaw, a Journalist Fellow at the Institute in 2012/3, is the editor of one of Myanmar’s most influential newspapers, The Voice Weekly, and Living Color Magazine.  In her paper, Covering Fragile Days:  The Role of...read more ›

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    Communicating India's Soft Power: Buddha to Bollywood

    Can India be a bridge between the West and the Islamic world? Put differently, can India prevent or in some way minimise what is widely termed as the "Clash of Civilisations"? read more ›

  30. RISJ Director to give keynote lecture at University of Navarra

    David Levy has been invited by the Dean of the Faculty of Communication to speak on the topic of Journalism and Technology: Challenges and Opportunities and is expected to focus on the findings from RISJ's...read more ›